Usage is easy: place the server between the installable computers and the internet router.The first networkcard of the server is for internet access, the second networkcard is for the "to be installed computers" ( mostly these computers their switch)

Start every computer with ethernet-boot, the fully automated installation begins.After some time there will be a fully usable ubuntu-flavor operating system on the computer.

You can install several computers at the same time.

After installation, the computers are also joined to the debian server's domain. So you can logon users on the computers created on the server. Upon login, the user his shared map on the server is visable on the desktop.

  • Install server: debian 9
  • Install system: FAI + ubuntu netinstaller
  • Installed system on client computers: ubuntu-flavors 17.10, linux-mint or debian (or your personalized (debian-based) linux distro)
  • domain: Samba pdc
  • printserver: CUPS
  • owncould
  • multiple schoolsoftware
  • afterburner: install software or upgrade all computers with one click


  • Amd cpu X4
  • 4 gig ram
  • 2 networkcards
  • ssd 120gb for debian os
  • 2xsata 1Tb in raid for homes

First screen on net-booted client pc:

Installation process: