The only server you need.

Migrate your school or library in one day to opensource and never pay software licenses again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

This server installs ubuntu and other opensource on your excisting computers, even the old ones! No opensource knowledge required at all.

And keep using your favorite programs as before : firefox, opera, gimp, libreoffice etc.....

  • works just like windows or mac, with a nice desktop and startbutton
  • extreme safety for all internet danger
  • privacy for all your data and mails
  • education software available for all grades
  • multiple languages and keyboard layouts available
  • blockers available, from porn to facebook if needed

Put this server in your network, start every pc with network boot, wait a few minutes and your ubuntu flavor os is installed.

The installed computer can  also be joined in debianserver's domain. You are done.

Migrating your old xp computers or new ones to opensource is now very easy.

We are shipping this server worldwide.